sabato 21 aprile 2012

New (official-house) rules for the Italian 3-4-6 squads?

Here in Italy there is a little but interesting conversation about why the Italian army is so badly represented in the ASL universe.

The general perception of how the Italian soldiers acted during world war two will tell us that they were not made for war. But is this concept really true? Every nation had their heroes and cowards but for some strange reason this is not the case for the Italian army. If we give a look to the available counters in ASL we will just have a confirmation of this strange way of thinking.

But the fact is that the Italian soldier was not so different from any other soldier from any other nationality, as all of them were men that were fighting for their own lives.

It is true that Italy as a nation was not ready for the second world war because of lack of equipment and lack of organization at the higher level, but when we speak about small scale tactical situations, things were completely different.

I will not write a list of all the situation were the Italian soldiers fought with bravery against all odds, but lot of them do exist so why not reconsider some aspects of the Italian 3-4-6 counters?

In an attempt to try to "fix" this historical fault, after some testing we realized that basically two aspects of the counter 3-4-6 were too penalizing.
We previously said that the Italian equipment was not so good so 3 seems a fair firepower, but if a full squad of Italian soldiers (3-4-6) is able to survive and engage enemy units in close combat, why not give them that +1 fp? I cant believe that a full Italian squad will have the same chance of an American half squad in close combat!
The other aspect is the broken morale of this counter. They are first line and they are treated the same way as conscript 3-3-6 on the reverse side. As first line means, they already had their training and their baptism of fire on the front line, so why not give them the same morale level of the good order side after February 1941?

2 commenti:

  1. How do you think this will effect balance on existing scenarios?

    Italian's are given a raw deal in ASL for sure, I find it eayier to play the Minors over the Italians, that has got to be wrong.


  2. Well, we are testing various old scenarios with the Italians.. now it is too early to say something but it seems that the balance it is not that different with these two changes. We also tried the +1fp on adjacent fire but that seems too much.