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IF the right way

" It was a good idea to place this jewel of a gun here" This was thinking gunner Auer when he saw a ISU-122 and a ISU-152 stopping alongside the road on the other side of the river, giving the sides to the well hidden PaK 40 he was manning with his comrades.

Sergeant Bauer and the other team-mates where too inexperienced to understand the situation, and when he ordered to fire, he was not knowing that it was a sentence to death for them all.

"Where are the special ammunition rounds? Find them ...Find them.." was shouting Bauer. "Last one is loaded and ready to fire!" Replied back Auer the gunner.They fired their first shot of the war and they do hit the leading ISU-152 tank on the side, but the surprise was big when they noticed that the tank was not burning but was turning the side toward them, and so was doing the other tank.

That was the last thing they saw as a well placed Russian shell turned the place in a torn and burning hell. This is war!

So, all of the above was happening because Sarge Bauer was not calculating the right moment to fire, as during defensive fire phase is NOT possible to use Intensive Fire if the target is not adjacent

Different situation was if he decided to fire during the Movement phase or during the Prep fire Phase.

To understand this better we have to read carefully rule number A8.41 and not only rule C5.6.

So remember when it is possible to use that extra shot that is the Intensive Fire option.

In PFPh and opponent's MPh, IF shot can be taken at any range and without regard to "nearest unit" once ROF is lost.
In DFPh, there are 3 situations:
- If marked "First Fire", IF shot can be taken only at adjacent target.
- If marked "Final Fire", no IF shot can be taken.
- If unmarked, fire until ROF is lost, then mark with "Final Fire", and then previous situation applies
Also remember the things listed down here
1) pinned, shocked or stunned crews cant intensive fire
2) add +2 DRM
3) the B# decrease by two
4) some guns cant intensive fire. No IF on the back of the counter
Thanks to Jeff Sewall for red part of the article

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